Our Volume II Program is geared toward clients who order 200+ dozen per year. We require a commitment to maintain an order volume of at least 200 dozen per year; volume pricing status is verified once per year. Volume II status offers a significantly discounted price.

Opening Order: 15 dozen minimum | Stock Orders & Reorders: 5 dozen minimum

Logo Cost (does not include sewing):
Silk-Screened Logo: $4 per dz ($.33 per piece)
Embroidered Logo: $9 per dz ($.75 per piece)

Personalized Packaging Cost
$4 per dz ($.33 per piece) (requires pre-payment of 100 dozen)

Royalty Cost:
Varies by School

Set-Up Fees
Silk-Screened Logo: No Fee
Embroidered Logo: $65 Tape Charge (one-time charge)
|Personalized Packaging: No Fee

Lead Time
Approximately 6-8 weeks for logos, 8 weeks for packaging. This is a one-time process. Once we have the customer’s logos in stock, our turn-around time for fill-in orders is 24 hours.

Payment Terms
Upon credit approval. Once credit is established, 2% 10 days, Net 30 days. Terms from date of invoice, F.O.B. Austin, TX. For customers without credit terms, we accept Visa and Mastercard.