Does Your Organization Sponsor Golf Tournaments? 

If you are looking for a way to generate a return on investment for your sponsorship dollar, do not shell out money for the same old gifts – the hats, the balls, or the shirts which all go into the closet (or into the lake) right after the tournament. Those gifts are throw-aways. Your company needs its name on a high quality gift that the players can use right away and for rounds later.

Here is where Wolff Gloves Tournament Glove Program comes in!

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We will send you more gloves than you need, spread across all of the sizes. During registration, you (or a volunteer from your organization) will help each tournament player fit themselves with a glove from the supply we have included.

After registration ends and everyone happily has their glove, you simply pack up the unused gloves, put them back into the box, and return them to us. We will do a count on the return gloves and then invoice you for ONLY the gloves you used.


Wolff Golf Gloves Flag   Players appreciate being given a high quality, useful gift that they can use right away. 

Wolff Golf Gloves Flag   Your organization is in front of hundreds of happy local community golfers.

Wolff Golf Gloves Flag   You can interact with each golfer while fitting them with a custom logo glove you have sponsored.

Wolff Golf Gloves Flag   Your logo is all over the golf course on players hands the whole day of the tournament and for multiple            rounds later. 

Wolff Golf Gloves Flag   You are able to establish that your company cares about the local community.

Our Tournament Glove Program is simple and our turnaround time is only a couple of weeks. Instructions will be sent in the box of gloves to make it simple for whomever is setting up the tournament – they don’t even have to know anything about golf!

For questions, please call us:  (800) 329.7929

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