Company History

Wolff Golf Gloves is a privately held company that has pioneered the customization niche of the golf glove industry. For over 35 years, we have produced high-quality custom logo golf gloves while focusing on the needs and success of our customers. The founder of Wolff Gloves, Bill Wolff, sold his manufacturing business of 20 years in order to enjoy more of his favorite pastime…golf. But there was only so much golf he could play (some people would certainly disagree). He created a part-time business to keep himself busy. He met a golf supplier and started to rep for an Asian factory. After a year of being a rep, Bill saw an opportunity for growth in the glove customization niche, as there were very few people involved in that effort at the time. Bill approached a few golf suppliers that didn’t have glove lines and pitched the idea. He worked with a major company for a while, but remained dissatisfied with the lack of interaction between himself and the customers.

Bill decided to venture out and create his own glove business. He and his daughter, Nancy, received an instant reception in the golf industry. They provided many services that the larger golf companies did not—custom cresting and packaging, superior custom service, and a willingness to work with their customers’ needs.For years, Bill and Nancy refined and grew their company into a powerhouse, developing products and programs to suit the need of their customers. Bill retired in 1990 and the family business was continued with Nancy and her daughter and son, Jana and Cullen.  After more than five years working together, Jana and Cullen welcomed a new family into the Wolff fold, old family friends from years ago.  The Comstock family—father Steven and daughter Courtney—have taken over the business to further grow it in Austin, TX.

Wolff Golf Gloves is a true family business. Our company was born out of a love for the game, and has continued for the love of good business and long relationships with our customers. In this day, it is difficult to find the individual service and attention we offer. Service is in our blood—we are committed to it and to you. 

Our Key Features

Superior Quality

Wolff Golf Gloves offers superior quality with the emphasis on fine Indonesian Cabretta leather and consistent sizing, as well as embroidery work and creative graphics.Our gloves have a proven failure rate of less than 1%, and at your convenience we are happy to replace defective gloves that have been returned to our headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Return Policy

99% of the gloves we receive from our factory have proven to be of the highest quality leather. We have less than 1% failure rate and at your convenience we are happy to replace defective gloves that have been returned to our headquarters.

Customized Inventory Control

Whereas other companies may require you to order excessive amounts of inventory, we prefer to ship quantities of gloves that make sense to you. We promote frequent and manageable fill-in orders that are easier on your cash flow. We believe that deriving profits on a current basis builds strength for the future. Rather than year-end rebates, free product incentives, and other costly promotions, our “frills” come in the form of efficient service and a competitive, straightforward approach to sales.

One-on-One Customer Service

Receive one-on-one customer service from a small, friendly company that applies 100% attention to your golf glove business. Our focus is not diluted with other product lines; therefore, our goal is to customize service for each individual pro. We keep an appropriate supply of your logos in stock at all times, so fill-in orders are shipped within one business day. We encourage customers to communicate with use directly and often. Support of this kind can make the difference between a good program and a great program. We are here to help promote your success.